Briar Rose. L'églantine. (briar_rose_girl) wrote in manateelovers,
Briar Rose. L'églantine.


Hey, I just joined and wanted to say hi. I'm a total Manatee (and elephant) lover [they're related, you know ;)]. I'm going to adopt one from the Save the Manatee foundation, too. Really soon. :)
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Yay, new member! How exactly are they related?
Something very intresting about manatees is that they are related to elephants! Manatees are also closly related to dugons, but even closer to elephants.

You can find that info in all the books and sites about either one of them.

And even more suprising! Both are realated to the Hyrax! (

The manatee's closest relative is the elephant and hyrax (a small furry
animal that resembles a rodent).

Here's a pic of it:

Cool huh?