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manatees can love

A few weeks ago my flatmate Fi(ona) told me that a friend of her friend was killed by a manatee. Apparently this guy was in the water near some manatees and one of the manatees rammed him repeatedly into some rocks. According to one of the manatee experts, this manatee had just lost its mate (poor baby!). I'm a little fuzzy on the details of this seemingly outrageous story, and I will report back later with more clarity.
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Nope, no further details. That's all she knows and it did indeed happen.
don't manatees slam into each other as part of their mating ritual?

that's what ilene chaiken says.
weren't those not even manatees though? or they were calling them porpoises but they were clearly belugas? either way, you can't trust ilene chaiken on oceanography, no matter how much she loves fish sandwiches.
Wow. I've never heard to manatees killing people.

That must be what this other community ( Manateehate-- ) is about.
I saw it last night and couldn't understand why people would hate a manatee (made me sad :(] or what "survivors of manatee abuse" meant.
But now I do. I think.
That's awesomely weird.