Naitch (nickdebrey) wrote in manateelovers,

Manatee song

My friend the__baroness loves manatees. She's not a musician, but she loves manatees so much she made a little song. I think it's an absolutly wonderful song. I never much thought or cared about manatees before, but since listening to the song I'm kinda liking them. Anyway, she'd be embarrased to know I was posting this song here, but whatever. I figure you guys may dig it. So click here if you wanna hear it.
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That's so awesome.
I concur. With much excitement and 'damn why didn't I think of that!'
Hello! I didnt even know there was a manatee lovers community! I find this all very hilarious but anyways, I thought I should take a second to make clear that I didnt write the lyrics to this song: The original (folky) version is featured in the movie "Switched At Birth" which is about two little girls but has a very strong pro manatee theme. :p If anyone knows more about the origin of this song, like who really did write it, I'd love to know!

Thanks for the encouragement: I really love manatees a lot!
Here's a Manatee my Friend Holly Knit (Playing Batgirls with her sea urchin friend)
title or description
Here I am wishing to see a real manatee in Florida (Next time for sure!)
title or description
Here is the cute manatee Momma and Baby available from Save the Manatee Club, that I bought for Owen :)
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